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Scrawney-Morgan Foundation

PO Box 855
Gloucester, MA 01931

(978) 815-2170

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Founding Members

Founding Members


Pat Morris

Region: North Shore
Role: Founder

My family and I have lost a grandfather, a grandmother, a father, several uncles and aunts, cousins, a brother-in-law, children, numerous friends and above all - the love of my life, my husband Russell to cancer. I simply say it's time to OBLIVIATE it once and for all! Fighting cancer is a serious mission, however it doesn't mean we can't have fun doing it!


Harriet Sesen

Region: Cape Cod

For as long as I can remember, Cancer, the “Big C” has been a frightening factor, in all our lives. It has touched those near and dear to us. After the loss of my mother, cancer became my cause of choice. Through the years, The Pan Mass Challenge, Jimmy Fund Walk, co- founding the Joe Cronin Memorial Jimmy Fund Fishing Tournament, have all brought me great personal fulfillment. As a recent cancer survivor, Our ongoing mission is to OBLIVIATE CANCER in our lifetime.


Alexis Morris

Region: North Shore
Role: Cape Ann Kids PMC/Hook-A-Cure

I will always love my Grampy.

He's why we started the Cape Ann Kids PMC.

He's why I've ridden the adult PMC.

He's why I walk the JF Walk.

He's why I do it all.

I won't stop until Cancer is gone.

Because I will always love my Grampy,

and I do it for him.

And I love my Captains who donate so much for our event!

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