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Partner for Hope

Dignity and empowerment for all


Our History

Founded in 2013, Partner for Hope has since become the umbrella for the continued fundraising of the Scrawney Morgan Foundation and growing service offerings.

Our compassionate volunteer base is a strong and connected group of cancer patients, their families, and their beloved friends. We work tirelessly to build a community of support for the emotional, spiritual, guidance and financial well-being.

Growing into the future, Partner for Hope will become a source of guidance, counseling, and education to support patients and loved ones through their journey.


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Our Mission

To bring hope and dignity to those in their most trying times through empowering services and fundraising events that combat the scourge of cancer.


Education and Support Groups

Partner for Hope will be offering no-cost, monthly meetings open to the public. Topics will include clinical leaders speaking on treatment options, presentations from organizations that offer financial support, and more. Creating opportunities to learn about your options and feel supported by other affected individuals and families. 


Fundraising supports the same cause in a multitude of ways. Raising money for research, raising money to fund services for patients and families, and blood drives for patients in need of donations. 

Partner for Hope runs the following fundraising events:

  • Hook-A-Cure 

  • Pan Mass Challenge Team

  • Kids Pan Mass Challenge

  • Pint-for-a-Pint Blood Donations in Partnership with the Kraft Foundation and in support of Dana Farber Research

Future Services

The Partner for Hope Foundation will be building and delivering the following services beginning in 2022:

  • Individual guidance services to help patients and families find sought after resources

  • Referral services to local practitioners for counseling, financial support, community and government services, translation services, etc.

  • Day-to-day support such as rides to treatments, post-treatment support, specialists for child counseling, and more


Learn more about our fundraising events!

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