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Hook-A-Cure Update 7/28/2021

First—thank you all so much. Each of you who are currently involved with our Hook-A-Cure Fishing Tournament and those who have participated in our foundation's other events this year—who have donated both money and time— you are part of our fight to end cancer!

Our 3rd Annual Hook-A-Cure event was canceled in 2020 and was almost canceled several additional times in 2021. We have had to try to pull our cornerstone event together in roughly six weeks—and with tight Covid-19 protocols, holding our event with everyone's health and safety in mind has been quite the journey.

But our dedicated committee and supporters have pulled it off! This weekend, we will launch our 3rd event thanks to all those crazy Captains and Anglers who just want to fish and have fun while working towards completing a serious mission!

This year's event is not as big as we hoped—it inevitably will have its challenges, but these days, we call that the "new normal"! Even one more dollar raised for the cancer fight is one more dollar than doctors and researchers had yesterday, so we keep moving forward!

Registered Captains

The Captains Dinner is July 31st beginning at 6:30 at Captain Carlos, 27 Harbor Loop, Gloucester! If you haven't already, please RSVP and include details about your party. Text, call, or e-mail: 978-815-2170 or!

Captains and Anglers

Our Tuna Division Fishing opens at Midnight on August 1st—we hope to have a public Tuna weight in on Sunday afternoon.

After day 2 of fishing on August 2nd, we also hope to have a public weigh-in starting at 4:00p. Afterward, we have an event (tickets available to the public—so join us and tell your friends!) There will have a buffet, DJ, Auction, as well as our keynote speaker and guest—3x Superbowl Winner and cancer survivor—Joe Andruzzi!

The more people we have attend can only mean one more step closer to ending this scourge in our lifetimes!

Thank you,

Pat Morris

Founder, Scrawney-Morgan Foundation

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